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Ritual Combat

(General, Fighter)

You and at least two ritual warriors partake in an hourlong ceremony, after which you can access the training and insight to use combat rites.

Prerequisite: Wisdom 11

Benefit: A character with this feat can use three 1st-rank combat rites per day. If the character can access combat rites already, these three combat rites add to the existing number of 1st-rank rites the character can use in a day.

Special: A character may take this feat more than once, gaining three more combat rites per day. If she takes this feat more than once, she may be able to use it to access higher-rank rites. The only restriction is that a character must have access to more lower-rank rites (from this feat) than those of higher ranks and that all three rites gained at a time apply to the same rank. Thus, the second time a character takes this feat, the additional three rites are 1st rank, bringing her 1st-rank rites to six per day. The third time, if the character wishes, the rites can be 2nd rank. She could not get 3rd-rank rites with this feat until she had at least six 2nd-rank rites per day. This means that she would have nine 1st-rank rites per day, which would entail taking this feat a total of six times.