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Character progression from level 1 to level 6 is as per D&D but with double the number of XP required for each level. With each level, the character recieves a feat. This feat replaces the feat a character would receive every 3rd level. Upon attaining 6th level, for each 5000 experience a character gains, they earn a new feat. Use the optional rules for Fractional Base Bonuses , Magic Ratings for Standard Characters and Multi-Classing.

For the purpose of experience awards, treat each 5 feats as +1 CR (or level), to an upper limit of 20 feats. After this, a ratio of 10 feats to 1 CR can be used, as it becomes more and more difficult to bring all a character’s feats to bear in a given situation. Alternatively, and at the GM’s option, player-characters with more than 20 feats can simply be always treated as if they were level 10 for experience and challenge purposes.
When it comes to feat-prerequisits, use the feat-calculated CR of the character to grant access to feats or feat-abilities, that are based on level (not BAB or skill-rank). The exception to this rule are the Unarmored Defense Feats, that max-out at 6th level.