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Character Creation

On first level use the following rules in a Orfinlir E6 campaign:

HP: Add the regular HD for the character's class to the character's constitution score. This sum represents the characters hit points on first level. For every level after the first add the die-roll according to the character's Class.

Skills: Characters use the skill-groups describes on these pages according to the character class.

Feats: Use the standard feats but add one background-feat for each character on first level. This feat is either a feat that represents the background region the character comes from or must be either Magic Talent, if the character is a arcane magic user or Latent Psionic Talent, for psionic using characters.
This feat is in addition to all other feats.

Classes: Use any class found on this page or allowed by your GM. I recommend using the following modifications:
1. Use the Book of Experimental Might for the spell progression of clerics and wizards.
2. Introduce the Domains found in the Book of Experimental Might II for Fighters.