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Skill Tricks

With the Complete Scoundrel came the Skill Tricks. Here you will find several new ones that were created on the WotC-Boards (not by me)

Acquired immunity
Ancestral story
Assume quirk
Avoid the white light
Back from the dead
Battle Sense
Beastmasters presence
Cheating appraisal
Counter throw knife trick
Death Knows No Barrier
Demolition man
Depressing play style
Diffusing joke
Dilligent Obedience
Dwarf eye for stone
Embody Earthly Ties
Empathic sense
Enter the zone
Experienced bomber
Fake out
Fool Spell
Friend of the church
Ghost Faced Killer
Goading drumbeat
Hamstring opponent
Horror Dreams
Invisible Strike
Lay of the land
Low profile
Magical appraisal
Moving performance
Paranoid writing style
Pied pipers song
Pull the heart strings
Raised in the wild
Relentless Aggression
Rope Swinger
Secound Wind
Shrouded dance
Silent Attack
Sooth the beast
Spot item weakness
Steel Faith
Strong body, strong mind
Stubborn stance
Suddenly Strike Through The Mist
Town gossip
Trap shunt
Tuck and Roll
Well connected
Whip entangle