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Sorcerer Domains

Notes on Arcane Domains
Unlike clerics, domain spells do not have their own spell slots. They are simply added to the sorcerer's list of known spells. Note that Granted Powers in italics use non-core rulebooks, and are optional. Also, optional spell choices are given in the domains for spells beyond the core books; generally, when a spell from outside Core Book I is used, it is included as a better thematic choice than the Core Book I option. The source of these optional spells is marked by an abbreviation:

Abbreviation Source Publisher
BoEM The Book of Eldritch Might Malhavoc Press
DotF Defenders of the Faith Wizards of the Coast
R&R Relics and Rituals Sword and Sorcery Studios
T&B Tome and Blood Wizards of the Coast
MaoF Magic of Faerun Wizards of the Coast
MotP Manual of the Planes Wizards of the Coast


Granted Power:

Acid Resistance 5. Upon gaining 6th level, once per day you may imbue a melee weapon you touch with an Acid Burst enhancement. This functions for one minute, and is identical to Flame Burst, except the extra damage inflicted is considered acid.

  1. Endure Elements/ Acidic Curse (BoEM)/ Corrosive Grasp (MaoF)
  2. Melf's Acid Arrow/ Mark of Acid (www.montecook.com)
  3. Stinging Cloud (Stinking Cloud)/ Protection from Elements
  4. Corrosive Touch (Rusting Grasp)/ Acid Orb (T&B)
  5. Cloudkill/ Mestil's Acid Sheath (MaoF)
  6. Acid Fog/Acid Storm (MaoF)
  7. Delayed Acidsplash (Delayed Fireball + Energy Substitution:Acid)/Crumble (MaoF)
  8. Caustic Cloud (Incendiary Cloud with Energy Substitution:Acid)
  9. Corrosive Armageddon (Energy Substituted Meteor Swarm:Acid)


Granted Power:

You may speak the language of your bloodline, if any (Abyssal if you are of demon-blood, Infernal if you are of devil-blood, Draconic if you are a descendant of Tiamat, etc.). You may Detect Good at will.
Intimidate is a class skill for you. At 5th level, your familiar gains the "Fiend" Template.

  1. Protection from Good/ Guilt (BoEM)/ Smite Good (R&R)
  2. Darkness/ Death Knell
  3. Darkvision/ Demonhide (as Dragonskin from BoEM)
  4. Contagion/ Chains of Vengeance (BoEM)/ Negative Energy Wave (T&B)
  5. Lesser Planar Ally (Evil only)/ Nightmare/ Spiritwall (T&B)
  6. Spell Resistance
  7. Unholy Word (As Holy Word, but affecting good-aligned creatures)
  8. Horrid Wilting/ Blackflame (R&R)
  9. Greater Planar Ally (Evil Only)/ Greater Aspect of the Deity (DotF)


Granted Power:

You may Speak with Animals once per day for every five levels you possess. Knowledge (Nature) is a class skill. You may mask your own scent with that of an animal of your choice for 1 hour a day per five class levels. This increases attempts to track you by scent +15 DC while the ability is in effect.

  1. Calm Animals
  2. Hold Animal/ Animal Infusion (RR)
  3. Dominate Animal/ Animal Spy (RR)
  4. Repel Vermin
  5. Commune with Nature
  6. Antilife Shell
  7. Animal Shapes
  8. Creeping Doom
  9. Shapechange

Ars Grammatica

Granted Power:

You gain Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat. You gain one bonus language, of your bloodline if possible. Decipher Script is a class skill for you.

  1. Erase/ Message
  2. Secret Page/ Mark of Fire (BoEM)
  3. Glyph of Warding/ Sepia Snake Sigil/ Amanuensis (MaoF)
  4. Explosive Runes
  5. Sending/ Permanency
  6. Greater Glyph of Warding
  7. Power Word, Stun/ Drawmij's Instant Summons
  8. Demand/ Symbol
  9. Verdana">Gate


Granted Power:

+2 to saving throws vs. enchantments, and Spell Focus: enchantment as a bonus feat. You gain Bluff and Diplomacy as class skills.

  1. Charm Person
  2. Calm Emotions/ Enthrall/ Eagle's Splendor (T&B)
  3. Suggestion
  4. Emotion
  5. Dominate Person
  6. Eyebite
  7. Insanity
  8. Demand
  9. Dominate Monster

Bewitching Ways

Granted Power:

Anyone who swears a binding oath with you, and later breaks it, is afflicted as if the Doom spell were permanently cast upon them. Upon gaining 8th level this is upgraded to a Bestow Curse spell. Diplomacy and Intimidate are gained as class skills.

  1. Command
  2. Glitterdust
  3. Hold Person
  4. Bestow Curse
  5. Dream
  6. Geas/Quest
  7. Spell Turning
  8. Binding
  9. Wish


Granted Power:

You gain Celestial as a known language and you may Detect Good at will. At 5th level, your familiar gains the "Celestial" template.

  1. Protection From Evil
  2. Divine Favor/Aura of Glory (MaoF)
  3. Magic Circle against Evil/ Lesser Aspect of the Deity (DotF)
  4. Holy Smite
  5. Lesser Planar Ally (Celestial Only)
  6. Dispel Evil
  7. Holy Word
  8. Greater Planar Ally (Celestial Only)
  9. Gate


Granted Power:

Bluff and Disguise are class skills; +2 to Bluff and Disguise checks. You also gain a "Touch of Reversion": Once per day, you may make a touch attack against a polymorphed being (or any other being in an alternate or shape-changed form), and if successful you may attempt a Greater Dispelling upon the effect that caused the change of form. If the Dispelling succeeds, the target returns to its natural form. Note that this is not targeting the spell (or lack thereof) itself, but rather determines the success of the Touch of Reversion.

  1. Change Self
  2. Alter Self
  3. Gaseous Form
  4. Polymorph Other
  5. Animal Growth/ Ghostform (T&B)
  6. Flesh to Stone
  7. Tenser's Transformation
  8. Iron Body
  9. Shapechange


Granted Power:

Once per day, and an additional time per 5 character levels, you can ignore one failed saving throw against a polymorph spell or effect. You also gain +2 to the DC of "Chaos" spells or at 5th level, your familiar gains the Anarchic template.

  1. Protection from Law
  2. Shatter/ Enkili's Luck (RR)
  3. Magic Circle against Law
  4. Chaos Hammer
  5. Dispel Law
  6. Animate Objects
  7. Word of Chaos
  8. Cloak of Chaos
  9. Summon Monster IX (Chaos only)


Granted Power:

You gain Appraisal and Disable Device as class skills, and one Item Creation bonus feat of your choice per five levels.

  1. Animate Rope
  2. Wood Shape
  3. Stone Shape
  4. Minor Creation
  5. Wall of Stone/ Fabricate
  6. Animate Object/ Fantastic Machine (FR)
  7. Major Creation
  8. Forcecage
  9. Polymorph Any Object/ Greater Fantastic Machine (FR)


Granted Power:

You may ignore one death effect per day; this includes spells like Slay Living, or the gaze of the Bodak, but not death due to loss of hit points, being reduced to 0 Constitution, or similar circumstances. You gain Intimidate as a class skill.

  1. Ray of Enfeeblement/ Grim Feast (R&R)
  2. Death Knell/ Sleep of the Dead (R&R)
  3. Vampiric Touch
  4. Enervation/
  5. Slay Living
  6. Circle of Death/ Sacrificial Heart (R&R)
  7. Destruction/ Soulstrike (R&R)
  8. Mind Blank/ Leech Field (R&R)
  9. Wail of the Banshee


Granted Power:

Once per day for every five class levels, the sorcerer may perform an Augury, as the 2nd level Cleric spell. Additionally, Bluff and Sense Motive are gained as class skills.

  1. True Strike
  2. Locate Object
  3. Clairaudience| Clairvoyance
  4. Scrying
  5. Contact Other Plane
  6. True Seeing
  7. Vision
  8. Discern Location
  9. Foresight


Granted Power:

Once per day, you may treat one melee or ranged attack as if it were a touch attack, and gain Improved Critical with the weapon you wield for the duration of the round. The attack may be a weapon or a ray.

  1. Inflict Light Wounds
  2. Shatter/ Vangal's Touch (RR)
  3. Contagion
  4. Inflict Critical Wounds/ Unholy Channel (RR)/ Verminplague (RR)
  5. Circle of Doom
  6. Harm
  7. Disintegrate
  8. Earthquake
  9. Implosion/ Incapacitate (RR)


Granted Power:

You gain a +2 circumstance bonus per four sorcerer levels to any Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive against any creature you have touched for one round whilst it slept. In addition, for 24 hours after such contact, any spells of the Enchantment school you cast upon such creatures gain +2 DC. You are immune to Sleep spells.
You gain Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive as class skills.

  1. Ventriloquism/ Sleep
  2. Darkness
  3. Clairaudience| Clairvoyance / Greater Sleep (BoEM)
  4. Confusion/ Shadow Conjuration
  5. Dream/ Nightmare
  6. Geas/Quest
  7. Insanity
  8. Mass Charm/Etherealness
  9. Temporal Stasis/ Time Stop/ Astral Projection


Granted Power:

All knowledge skills become class skills, and you gain Sense Motive and Gather Information as class skills. You gain +1 skill point per level; if chosen at first level, this adds an extra +4 skill points.

  1. Detect Thoughts
  2. Tongues
  3. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance/ Arcane Sight (T&B)
  4. Scrying
  5. Prying Eyes
  6. True Seeing
  7. Vision
  8. Discern Location
  9. Foresight


Granted Power:

You may Detect Good at will. rebuke undead as a paladin of equal level, but the rebuking attempts per day are equal to the sorcerer's charisma modifier, not 3+charisma modifier.

  1. Protection from Good
  2. Desecrate
  3. Magic Circle against Good/ Chardun's Torments (RR)
  4. Unholy Blight/ Unholy Channel (RR)
  5. Dispel Good/ Imbue Shadow (RR)
  6. Create Undead
  7. Blasphemy
  8. Unholy Aura
  9. Summon Monster IX (Evil only)


Granted Power:

You gain the bonus feat Unarmed Strike, and may choose to do normal damage with an unarmed strike; such damage is considered slashing. Wilderness Lore becomes a class skill for you. Animal Empathy becomes a cross-class skill for you.

  1. Spider Climb/ Claws of the Beast (MaoF)/ Blinding Spittle (MaoF)
  2. Beasthide (Barkskin)/ Blood Frenzy (MaoF)/ Animal Infusion (R&R)
  3. Dominate Animal
  4. Polymorph Self/ Gutsnake (MaoF)
  5. Commune with Nature
  6. Tenser's Transformation
  7. Summon Nature's Ally VII/ Mormo's Serpent Hands (R&R)
  8. Animal Shapes
  9. Shapechange


Granted Power:

Fire Resistance: 5. You gain as a bonus feat Spell Focus: Fire, or at 5th level, your familiar gains the "Elemental Creature: Fire" Template.

  1. Burning Hands
  2. Produce Flame/ Mark of Fire (BoEM)/ Combust (MaoF)
  3. Fireball/ Flame of Faith (DotF)
  4. Fire Shield/ Chains of Vengeance (BoEM)/ Fire Stride (MaoF)
  5. Inferno (Energy Substituted (Fire) Cone of Cold)
  6. Delayed Blast Fireball
  7. Smoke Travel (Wind Walk)/ Elemental Body (MotP)/ Energy Immunity (T&B)
  8. Incendiary Cloud
  9. Elemental Swarm (Fire only)


Granted Power:

Cold Resistance 5. You also gain as a bonus feat Spell Focus: Cold, or at 5th level, your familiar gains the "Elemental Creature: Cold" Template.

  1. Chill Touch/Grease
  2. Chill Metal/ Ice Knife (T&B)
  3. Slow/ Ice Burst (T&B)
  4. Ice Storm/ Wall of Ice/ Greater Mark of Frost (BoEM)
  5. Cone of Cold
  6. Otiluke's Freezing Sphere/ Freezing Claw (BoEM)
  7. Snowblind (Sunbeam)/ Energy Immunity (T&B)
  8. Blizzard (energy substitution (cold) form of Incendiary Cloud)
  9. Frozen Comet (energy substitution (cold) form of Meteor Swarm)


Granted Power:

The sorcerer gains +4 to saves versus illusion magic. The sorcerer may use Dancing Lights and Ghost Sound once per day if his Charisma is greater than 10. The sorcerer gains the bonus feat Spell Focus: Illusion.

  1. Ventriloquism
  2. Misdirection/Invisibility
  3. Major Image
  4. Hallucinatory Terrain
  5. Mirage Arcana
  6. Veil
  7. Simulacrum
  8. Screen
  9. Weird


Granted Power:

You may Detect Evil at will. Turn undead as a paladin of equal level, but the turning attempts per day are equal to the sorcerer's charisma modifier, not 3+charisma modifier.

  1. Protection from Evil
  2. Aid
  3. Magic Circle against Evil
  4. Holy Smite/ Cloak of Righteousness (RR)
  5. Dispel Evil
  6. Blade Barrier
  7. Holy Word
  8. Holy Aura
  9. Summon Monster IX (Good only)


Granted Power:

Once per day, as a Free action, choose one opponent. Against that opponent you gain a +1 profane bonus per four levels on attack rolls, saving throws, and Armor Class; in addition, your spells cast upon that opponent gain +1 DC. This supernatural ability lasts one minute.

  1. Doom
  2. Scare
  3. Bestow Curse
  4. Emotion (hate effect only)
  5. Righteous Might
  6. Forbiddance
  7. Blasphemy
  8. Antipathy
  9. Wail of the Banshee


Granted Power:

You may use the Deathwatch spell at will. You gain Heal as a class skill.

  1. Cure Light Wounds
  2. Cure Moderate Wounds
  3. Cure Serious Wounds
  4. Cure Critical Wounds/ Holy Channel (RR)
  5. Healing Circle
  6. Heal
  7. Regenerate/ Greater Healing Circle (RR)
  8. Mass Heal
  9. True Resurrection


Granted Power:

Once per day, and an additional time per 5 character levels, you can ignore one failed saving throw against a petrification spell or effect. You also gain a +2 DC to all "Law" spells you cast, or at 5th level, your familiar gains the Axiomatic template.

  1. Protection from Chaos
  2. Calm Emotions/ Hedrada's Balance (RR)
  3. Magic Circle against Chaos
  4. Order's Wrath
  5. Dispel Chaos
  6. Hold Monster
  7. Dictum
  8. Shield of Law
  9. Summon Monster IX (Lawful only)


Granted Power:

May use Light spell at will as a spell like ability. For every five levels you posses, you may ignore one failed saving throw against blindness effects.

  1. Color Spray
  2. Searing Light
  3. Protection from Elements/ Flashburst (MaoF)
  4. Rainbow Pattern/ Fire Orb (T&B) (Effect appears as light rather than fire)
  5. True Seeing
  6. Disintegrate (brilliant flash of incinerating fire)/ Undeath to Death (T&B)
  7. Sunbeam/ Brilliant Aura (MaoF)
  8. Sunburst
  9. Prismatic Sphere


Granted Power:

Electricity Resistance 5. Upon attaining 5th level, once per day you may imbue a melee weapon you touch with a Shock enhancement for one minute. Once per day as a Free action, you may reflect any electricity-based spell back on its caster, as Spell Turning, as long as the spell is of a level you can cast

  1. Shocking Grasp/ Lesser Electric Orb (T&B
  2. Resist Elements/ Gedlee's Electric Loop (MaoF
  3. Haste/ Lightning Bolt
  4. Electric Shield (Energy Substituted Electric Fire Shield)/ Electric Cascade (Energy Substituted Electric Explosive Cascade-MaoF)/ Electric Orb (T&B
  5. Hold Monster/ Ball Lightning (MaoF
  6. Chain Lightning/ Electrical Deluge (BoEM
  7. Electric Storm (Energy Substituted Electric Fire Storm)/ Great Thunderclap (MaoF
  8. Lightning Storm (Energy Substituted Electricity Incendiary Cloud)
  9. Dire Tempest (Energy Substituted Electricity Meteor Swarm)


Granted Power:

May cast Know Direction at will. Gains Stone Cunning as a dwarf. You gain Sanctum Spell as a bonus metamagic feat (T&B).

  1. Alarm/Detect Secret Doors
  2. Arcane Lock
  3. Glyph of Warding/ Clairvoyance| Clairaudiance
  4. Mirage Arcana
  5. Hallow
  6. Stone Tell
  7. Find the Path/Guards and Wards
  8. Antipathy
  9. Earthquake


Granted Power:

You gain the power of good fortune, which is usable once per day. This extraordinary ability allows you to re-roll one roll that you have just made. You must take the result of the re-roll, even if it's worse than the original roll.

  1. Entropic Shield
  2. Aid/ Tanil's Touch (RR)
  3. Protection from Elements
  4. Freedom of Movement
  5. Break Enchantment
  6. Mislead
  7. Spell Turning
  8. Holy Aura
  9. Miracle


Granted Power:

You gain a Martial or Exotic Weapon Proficiency as a bonus feat and -5% to your total Arcane Failure chance if using metal armor or a metal shield.

  1. Magic Weapon/ Shelgarn's Persistent Blade (MaoF)
  2. Heat Metal
  3. Keen Edge
  4. Rusting Grasp/ Ghorus Toth's Metal Melt (MaoF)
  5. Wall of Iron
  6. Blade Barrier
  7. Brazen Cast (Statue, but appears made of metal)/ Greater Ironguard (MaoF)
  8. Iron Body
  9. Bigby's Crushing Hand*


Granted Power:

Sense Motive, Auto-Hypnosis (optional Psionics Handbook Skill) and Innuendo are class skills. You gain Iron Will as a bonus feat, and a +2 competence bonus on attempts to detect Scrying and similar methods of remote viewing.

  1. Hypnotism
  2. Detect Thoughts/ Owl's Wisdom (T&B)
  3. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
  4. Scrying
  5. Rary's Telepathic Bond
  6. Legend Lore
  7. Insanity
  8. Mind Blank
  9. Astral Projection


Granted Power:

Once per day, you may place a hex upon a target that lasts until it is activated. This requires a touch attack and a failed Will save against DC: 10 + sorcerer level. The next time the target is involved in a combat and is struck by an attack that threatens a critical hit, the roll to verify the critical hit automatically succeeds. The hex is then expended.

  1. Bane
  2. Tasha's Hideous Laughter/ Enkili's Prank (R&R)
  3. Displacement/ Unbuckle (R&R)
  4. Bestow Curse/ Backlash (MaoF)
  5. Nightmare
  6. Mislead
  7. Insanity
  8. Binding
  9. Imprisonment


Granted Power:

Perform is a class skill for you. Once per day per five sorcerer levels, you may perform a Counter-Song, as if you were a Bard.

  1. Ventriloquism/ Amplify (MaoF)/Disquietude (MaoF)
  2. Shatter/ Balagarn's Iron Horn (MaoF)/ Mark of Sound (www.montecook.com)
  3. Suggestion/ Nightmare Lullaby (MaoF)
  4. Emotion/ Haunting Tune (MaoF)
  5. Dream/ War Cry (MaoF)
  6. Mass Haste
  7. Repulsion/ Great Thunderclap (MaoF)
  8. Otto's Irresistible Dance
  9. Wail of the Banshee


Granted Power:

You are immune to natural plant-derived poisons. Additionally, you gain Woodland Stride, as per the 2nd level Druid ability, and gain +4 to resist the special abilities or qualities of plant-type creatures.

  1. Entangle/Adhere to Wood (R&R
  2. Barkskin/ Sethel's Stick Servant (R&R
  3. Speak With Plants/ Thorn Throw (R&R
  4. Control Plants/ Livewood (R&R
  5. Wall of Thorns/ Gutroot (R&R
  6. Repel Wood/ Transport Via Plants
  7. Changestaff
  8. Command Plants
  9. Shambler


Granted Power:

You may apply poison to your weaponry as an assassin. You may Detect Poison at will and at 5th level, your familiar gains a poisonous bite (effects identical to medium sized spider venom); if your familiar already has a poisonous attack, the DC of saves to avoid the poison's effects are increased by 1.

  1. Delay Poison/ Blinding Spittle (MaoF)/ Sethris' Potency (R&R)
  2. Blindness|Deafness/ Endurance
  3. Stinking Cloud/ Devlin's Venomblade (BoEM)/ Spider Poison (MaoF)
  4. Neutralize Poison/ Poison
  5. Cloudkill
  6. Summon Monster (Fiendish/Celestial viper, huge snake only)
  7. Creeping Doom
  8. Horrid Wilting
  9. Body of Venom* (See Appendix I)


Granted Power:

Armor you wear upon your body (i.e. not shields) has its Arcane Failure chance reduced by 5%. You gain Damage Reduction 1/-; this increases by 1 point per 4 sorcerer levels you possess.

  1. Sanctuary/ Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
  2. Shield Other
  3. Protection from Elements/ Divine Raiment (RR)
  4. Spell Immunity/ Ironheart (RR)
  5. Spell Resistance
  6. Antimagic Field/ Taldock's Spell Inhibitor (RR)
  7. Repulsion
  8. Mind Blank
  9. Prismatic Sphere


Granted Power:

Detect Magic at will (spell-like ability). Gain one onus metamagic feat of your choice.

  1. Identify
  2. Nondetection/ Greater Magical Flow Enhancement (BoEM)/Eagle's Splendor (T&B)
  3. Dispel Magic
  4. Imbue with Spell Ability/ Spell Trap (BoEM)
  5. Spell Resistance
  6. Globe of Invulnerability
  7. Spell Turning
  8. Protection from Spells
  9. Mordenkeinen's Disjunction/ Arcane Form (BoEM)/ Alamanther's Return (MaoF)/ Absorption (T&B)

Soul Domain

Granted Power:

Each day, for each sorcerer level you possess, you may ignore one negative level received from energy draining; the level is in effect not drained. This is a supernatural ability. You gain Sense Motive as a class skill.

  1. Deathwatch
  2. Speak With Dead
  3. Negative Energy Protection/ Halt Undead
  4. Death Ward
  5. Reincarnate/ Status
  6. Antilife Shell
  7. Greater Restoration
  8. Clone
  9. True Resurrection/ Astral Projection


Granted Power:

You gain a bite attack that can inject poison. Though your bite only does normal damage for its size (1d4 if Medium, 1d3 if Small), its poison must be saved against on a successful damaging hit or else the target takes 1d4 temporary Constitution damage, followed by secondary damage of 1d4 Charisma. The DC of the fortitude save to avoid the poison's effects is 15 + sorcerer's Charisma bonus. At 10th level, the poison's damage increases to 1d6 Con/1d6 Charisma. Additionally, the sorcerer is immune to the effects of the Web spell.

  1. Spider Climb
  2. Summon Swarm/Spider's Grace (as Cat's Grace)
  3. Phantom Steed (has spider shape)
  4. Poison/ Giant Vermin
  5. Insect Plague/ Plague of Rats (DotF)
  6. Circle of Death/ Shadow Walk/Spider Curse(FRC)
  7. Creeping Doom/ Brain Spider(DotF)/ Stone Spiders(FRC)
  8. Horrid Wilting/ Mind Blank
  9. Body of Venom/ Spider Shapes(FRC)


Granted Power:

You gain +1 natural armor, Acid Resistance 5, and the bonus feat Spell Focus: Earth, or at 5th level, your familiar gains the "Elemental Creature: Earth" Template.

  1. Magic Stone/ Acid Curse (BoEM)
  2. Melf's Acid Arrow/ Lesser Mark of Earth (BoEM)/
  3. Stone Shape
  4. Stoneskin
  5. Wall of stone/ Xorn Movement (MotP)
  6. Flesh to stone/ Stone to Flesh
  7. Statue/ Elemental Body (MaoF)/ Maw of Stone (MaoF)
  8. Acid Cloud (Elemental substituted (acid) Incendiary Cloud)/ Bombardment (MaoF)
  9. Elemental Swarm (Earth only)


Granted Power:

You can perform a feat of strength, which is the supernatural ability to gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your sorcerer level. Activating the power is a free action, the power lasts 1 round, and it is usable once per day.

  1. Endure Elements/ Shockwave Strike (RR)
  2. Bull's Strength
  3. Magic Vestment
  4. Spell Immunity
  5. Righteous Might/ Brothers in Arms (RR)
  6. Stoneskin
  7. Bigby's Grasping Hand
  8. Bigby's Clenched Fist/ Strength of Kadum (RR)
  9. Bigby's Crushing Hand


Granted Power:

Creatures you conjure or summon gain +1 hit point per hit die and a +1 competence modifier on attack and damage rolls. Knowledge (The Planes) is a class skill.

  1. Summon Monster I
  2. Summon Swarm
  3. Phantom Steed
  4. Summon Monster IV
  5. Lesser Planar Ally (must be related or associated with your bloodline)
  6. Summon Monster VI
  7. Drawmij's Instant Summons/Banishment
  8. Planar Ally
  9. Gate


Granted Power:

For a total of 1 round per your cleric level per day, you can act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement (similar to the effect of the spell freedom of movement). This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up to the total daily limit of rounds). This is a supernatural ability.

  1. Expeditious Retreat
  2. Rope Trick
  3. Air Walk
  4. Dimension Door
  5. Teleport
  6. Find the Path/ Teleport Coordinates Transfer (BoEM)
  7. Plane Shift
  8. Etherealness
  9. Gate


Granted Power:

Bluff, Disguise, and Hide are class skills. You gain the bonus feat Spell Focus: Illusion.

  1. Change Self/ Reshape Shadows (RR)
  2. Enkili's Prank (RR)/ Invisibility
  3. Nondetection
  4. Confusion/ Ghostdweomer (RR)
  5. False Vision
  6. Mislead/ Reverse Illusion (RR)
  7. Screen
  8. Polymorph Any Object
  9. Time Stop/ Convert (RR)


Granted Power:

Add +2 to the DC of any compulsion spell you cast. You gain Intimidate as a class skill, and Skill Focus: Intimidate as a bonus feat.

  1. Command
  2. Enthrall
  3. Discern Lies
  4. Fear
  5. Greater Command
  6. Geas/Quest
  7. Bigby's Grasping Hand
  8. Mass Charm
  9. Dominate Monster


Granted Power:

You may cast Invisibility to Undead once per day for every five class levels you possess. You gain Intimidate as a class skill.

  1. Detect Undead/Chill Touch
  2. Desecrate
  3. Animate Dead/ Armor of Undeath (R&R)
  4. Undead Growth (as Animal Growth on corporeal undead)/ Zombie Form (R&R)
  5. Circle of Doom/ Elemental Shroud (BoEM)
  6. Create Undead
  7. Control Undead
  8. Create Greater Undead
  9. Energy Drain


Granted Power:

You gain Endurance and Run as bonus feats. Jump and Climb are now class skills.

  1. Expeditious Retreat/ Smite (R&R)
  2. Endurance/ False Life (T&B)
  3. Haste/ Life Force Transfer (R&R)/ Cure Light Wounds
  4. Restoration/ Ironheart (R&R)
  5. Righteous Might
  6. Healing Circle
  7. Power Word, Stun
  8. Holy Aura/ Mantle of Egregious Might (BoEM)/ Great Shout (T&B)
  9. Bigby's Crushing Hand


Granted Power:

You gain as bonus feats a Martial Weapon Proficiency of your choice and Weapon Focus with your chosen weapon.

  1. Magic Weapon/ Battlecry (RR)
  2. Spiritual Weapon
  3. Magic Vestment/ Sacred Weapon (RR)
  4. Divine Power
  5. Flame Strike
  6. Blade Barrier
  7. Power Word, Stun
  8. Power Word, Blind/ Recall Champion (RR)
  9. Power Word, Kill


Granted Power:

Subject may hold breath for up to 5 x Con in rounds, and may use Speak with Aquatic Animals once per day as if cast by a caster equal to the sorcerer's level. The subject gains a +10 competence bonus to Swim checks, and Swim is considered a class skill. You also gain as a bonus feat Spell Focus: Water, or at 5th level, your familiar gains the "Elemental Creature: Water" Template.

  1. Obscuring Mist/ Buoyancy Net (R&R)
  2. Fog Cloud/Mark of Water (BoEM)/ Aura Against Flame (MaoF)/ Cloudburst (MaoF)
  3. Pressure Sphere (R&R)/ Waterbreathing
  4. Control Water/ Water's Embrace (R&R)/Greater Mark of Water (BoEM)
  5. Dolomar's Limited Liquification (R&R)
  6. Summon Monster VIII (Water only)
  7. Freezing Curse/Waterspout (MaoF)/Elemental Body (MaoF)
  8. Horrid Wilting/Maelstrom (MaoF)
  9. Elemental Swarm (water only)


Granted Power:

You gain a +4 competence bonus to any saving throws against natural weather-related effects, including dehydration and exposure to cold. Wilderness Lore becomes a class skill. You also gain Electricity Resistance 5.

  1. Endure Elements
  2. Chill Metal/ Heat Metal/ Cloudburst (MaoF)
  3. Call Lightning
  4. Sleet Storm
  5. Control Winds
  6. Control Water
  7. Control Weather
  8. Whirlwind
  9. Storm of Vengeance


Granted Power:

You gain Wilderness Lore and Bluff as class-skills. You may make a saving throw once per day to return to your natural shape if you are polymorphed or otherwise shapechanged. Regardless of who alters your shape, you always retain the ability to speak regardless of the form you are in.

  1. Spider Climb
  2. Alter Self
  3. Waterbreathing
  4. Polymorph Self
  5. Animal Growth
  6. Tenser's Transformation
  7. Statue
  8. Etherealness
  9. Shapechange


Granted Power:

Lightning Resistance 5. You may cast Feather Fall once per day per five class levels. You also gain as a bonus feat Spell Focus: Air/Lightning (your choice) or at 5th level, your familiar gains the "Elemental Creature: Air" Template.

  1. Obscuring Mist
  2. Lesser Mark of Air (BoEM)/ Wind Wall
  3. Gaseous Form/ Lightning Bolt
  4. Air Walk
  5. Control Winds/ Binding Winds (MaoF)
  6. Chain Lightning
  7. Control Weather/ Elemental Body (MaoF)
  8. Thunderstrike (Sunburst)/ Great Shout (T&B)
  9. Elemental Swarm (Air only)